Bee on lavender plantMy goal, simply, is to help you create a space that you love — to achieve the vision you have for your home. My tools are plants, soil and rocks but my goal would be the same no matter what specific job I trained for. I specialize in drought tolerant, low maintenance planting plans. I am a California native and am especially sensitive to this area’s particular challenges and needs. Our Mediterranean climate gives us a large palette of plants to choose from, with many that require very little water, and I enjoy sharing this knowledge with my clients.

I received a masters degree in landscape architecture from Cal Poly Pomona. Large scale projects include:

Marks Ranch Vision Plan, a phased, multiuse plan for a former 816-acre ranch site in Salinas, CA. The project involved public participation and facilitation with various stakeholders; rehabilitation of ranch structures into a visitors’ center and event space; trail and parking siting; and signage and overall plant guidelines.

Getting to Green: Toward a More Sustainable Cal Poly Pomona, a vision plan focusing on campus sustainability and offering many low-cost and no-cost solutions that would increase long-term sustainability in the areas of water, human health and transportation.

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